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Giving Gifts

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

So you’re strolling down the aisle, holding that paper that shows the gift list for the event you are going to, right? But you don’t know what to buy. I am definitely one of those people that have had a history of having no common sense when it comes to purchasing gifts. So I did some hunting and have found some generally accepted rules for gift giving.

Rule #1 Don’t overspend

If you have to travel to get to the event, you obviously have had to shell out some bucks already. So usually the host or hostess is pretty understanding of your budget constraints when it comes to having to travel to the event.  You also have to be considerate of other upcoming events as well, such as possible graduations, Christmas, weddings, and so forth. Odds are, the people that are hosting the event do not want you to have to file for bankruptcy to attend their event and that simply being there means more than anything to them.

Rule #2 Do I still give a gift even if I can’t make it to the event.

The answer is an astounding yes. You should give, but not because you were invited. You should give because you care. You should especially give a gift if you are attending a wedding or a graduation. A wedding or graduation is the celebration of an event that marks the passing of one period of a person’s life and the beginning of another. As a result, you should want to give a gift to celebrate or assist that person with the next period of their life.

Rule #3 Giving the gift of money is ok.

If you don’t know what to get them, how about taking that dollar amount you have budgeted and turning it into a check? I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that has turned down the gift of money. Usually when a person gets married or has a graduation, there will be a lot of upcoming expenses. The money can definitely be put to a good use.

Rule #4 Use your head to figure out which gifts are appropriate for the occasion.

While this article covers most of the basics of gift giving, it is not all inclusive. There may be some instances where certain gifts may be inappropriate. For example, you may not want to buy a stroller for a wedding. But it may be appropriate for a young family as a Christmas gift.

A gift registry is a good indicator of what is appropriate for the occasion. It is especially good, because you have a guarantee of what the host or hostess desires in gifts and is often removed from the registry by the store’s computer, when purchased. So you don’t give the same gift as someone else. But beware of rule #1. Often, gift registries are what the host or hostess desire, but you (and probably them) can’t afford. So be very careful when you select a gift off of the registry.

So hopefully, we have narrowed down the rules for the gift-giving inclined so that next time, you will have the honor of giving that one gift that the host or hostess will be talking about for years to come.